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"Possibly the most eye-catching and awe-inducing bike accessory I`ve ever seen. Most bike lights focus on making sure the rider is seen, but these make sure you`re seen, cheered at, flagged down, and followed (in a good, fun way)."
- Christian Science Monitor (Boston) 2008-10-23

"Colorful LEDs transform bikes into art"
- Wired Gadget Lab 2008-05-03

"une veritable culture ecolo-disco emerge autour de cet accessoire"
- (Paris) 2009-06-12

"I can attest to the durability of the Monkey Light. I commute every day in NYC and the Monkey Light has indured temperature extremes, snow, rain, wind, salt on the roads and has performed like an absolute champ."
- (New York City) Full product review 2010-12-13

"Top 100 Christmas Presents 2008"
- Tech Digest (UK) 2008-11-26

"Un`idea luminosa"
- Il Sole 24 Ore (Milan) 2008-11-19

"c`est veritablement une innovation. Personnellement j`adore."
- (France) 2009-01-20

"love this inspired piece of bike art"
- Colorado Springs Gazette 2009-05-06

"Yeah, this thing is fun... I do feel safer and more visible. The light spreads nicely and reflects off the pavement as I ride, and from the side, the whirling lights on my wheel are unmissable."
- Urban Cyclist (Full product review 2009-09-15)

"a car pulled up and then stayed just behind me for about 3/4 mile. They slowly pulled up alongside and this girl yells out the window - and this is a direct quote "we love the lightshow- you should just park it and charge admission!"
- (Seattle) 2008-9-18

"I guarantee this thing will stand out like a road flare"
- (Boston) 2009-02-19

"one of the sweetest products we`ve ever seen ... anyone who looks your way will be treated to a digital light show"
- / Cleveland Plain Dealer (Cleveland) 2009-03-13

"They say they`re waterproof and they`re right. the first night I put them on there was a HUGE storm and I rode in some super heavy rain. at one point there was a puddle so deep cars couldn`t go through and there was a cab stalled in the middle. I was on a three-wheel bike so I went for it. I`m talking half my wheel under water and the lights were fine. ... I even got asked by a cop at stoplight were I got them. you know they`re cool when a Chicago cop asks about them instead of yelling at you!!!"
- One Less Car (Chicago) 2008-10-15

"If you are concerned about cars not seeing you at intersections, the MonkeyLectric m132s is a remarkably bright wheel-based light set."
- Bits and Bikes (Boston) 2008-05-24

"Get them wheels a spinning, round and round with some House music"
- Bike Hugger (Seattle) 2008-05-28

"These guys do a fantastic job lighting up the ground around you."
- Cycleicious (San Francisco) 2008-05-23

"really bright and it really attracts attention"
- (Los Angeles) 2008-07-29

"Visibility with these lights is quite astonishing, and the light is visible from the front and back as well as the sides."
- (Florida) 2008-10-2

"It made me giddy. I remember thinking to myself that this was a real gadget. It didn`t just temporarily fill a consumeristically produced void in my ego; it caused a genuine emotional reaction, like a pretty girl or a puppy, and that made my heart to quiver with fondness. I got all giggly. I wanted to share it with someone. So I ran upstairs, knocked on my neighbor`s door, and asked him if he`d bring his three-year old son outside. I spun the wheel for him: he sighed, giggled, then started wildly laughing and jumping up and down. His pupils glowed like plasma globes. I knew exactly how he felt: I was sharing the MonkeyLectric with the peer of my own inner child."
- Boing Boing Gadgets (Berlin) 2008-07-29

"improve your chances of survival at night in the urban jungle"
- gearfuse 2008-05-19

2008-09-25: Live interview and short demo at Interbike 2008 with Bike Hugger.

2008-05-21: Tech Digest (UK) release news.

2008-05-08: ABC News photo coverage of our Maker Faire 2008 premier.

2008-05-08: Stern (german) covered our Maker Faire 2008 appearance (english translation).

2008-04-15: OhGizmo covered our Yuri`s Night performance (m464q footage only).

2008-04-13: Our Yuri`s Night performance was carried live nationwide on NASA TV, you can catch the (low quality) replay starting at 6:37:15. (m464q footage only)

2008-03-09: One of our prototypes is featured in a documentary by Brian Boyko - forward to 3:52 into the film to see it. , 9.9 out of 10 based on 1,536 ratings